Essential oil therapy has an outstanding safety record. There are no known
 contraindications for inhaling essential oils and are safe for all ages. Our containers were specifically designed to be used with confidence for drowsy patients in a hospital.

When essential oils are inhaled, the aromatic vapor travels through the nose to the 
olfactory bulb where it contacts the central nervous system and rapidly exerts its 
beneficial effects.

The best proof that essential oil therapy works, can be found in testimonials of happy patients and health care providers who use Soothing Scents’ products like QueaseEASE to relieve queasiness.

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    QueaseEASE Aromatic Inhaler

    Aromatic Inhaler: Drug-free, all-natural blend of pure essential oils used to calm queasiness, motion sickness, chemotherapy(CINV), postoperative (PONV). Used in over 500+ Hospitals!

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